Dale Flaten

Hi, I joined the real estate profession to help people become home owners and show home owners how to build wealth in real estate. My combined construction knowledge, retail marketing and property management experience are what set me apart from and ahead of the other agents. Why would you hire someone with less knowledge, experience or a part time agent to represent you in one of the largest and most expensive transactions of your life?

I’m also experienced with special sales skills for those who are facing foreclosure.

Be sure to ask me about my “Guaranteed Home Buyers Savings Program”. I have saved buyers from $4,500.00 – $95,000 in 2007 & 2008. There is no cost to the buyer to be enterd into this program.

Below is a short biography of my past professions and businesses to help you understand why you should hire me to represent you as your Real Estate Professional.

Home ownership and building wealth through real estate is something anyone can achieve if they want. I’m living proof. As your full time Real Estate Professional I’m able to provide valuable information from real life experience. My real estate career and knowledge started when I was 24 years old. By the time I was 29 I owned 5 single family homes, 1 residence and 4 rentals. 16 years later they have nearly paid for themselves and more than quadrupled in price. I’ve been self employed for nearly as long. I was a residential general contractor. I framed and remodeled homes and towards the end I specialized in structural repairs of homes. So if a home is sagging, leaning, squeaking, or sinking I probably know what the cause and remedy is. Upon leaving the construction business, I started and grew a successful retail business. This is where I developed my marketing skills and learned to think outside the box. This combined knowledge allows me to represent and protect my clients from getting in over their head in repairs and costs and is very valuable when negotiating the price of your next home. This knowledge is equally valuable when representing sellers. I decided to combine my knowledge of Construction, Marketing, and Landlord experience to assist others in achieving their goal of real estate ownership.

I listen and connect with my clients. Please call me if you would like me to represent you in your next real estate transaction, whether you’re buying or selling.


Dale Flaten
Blue EmeraldĀ Real Estate Co

Dale Flaten